In my day...

I walked almost two and a quarter miles.
In the snow.
Both ways.

(of course, I also walked downhill for parts of that walk. Living on a hill and needing to get to another hill without using a bridge will do that) :)

Now I'm trying to get motivated to help shovel snow at my parents place in about an hour.
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I am now officially a crazy cat person. Or at least a cat person.

So yesterday I finally became a crazy cat person. Or well, at least a cat person. Lily is a three year old Domestic Short Hair Torbie. I adopted her from the Boston MSPCA. She seems very friendly so far, in fact she was the friendliest cat I saw at the adoption center.

She can definitely jump. She has at least a 4 foot vertical leap to window sills, but seems a little unsure jumping down. Yeah I know, total cliché. She's also jumped from a window sill in my Bedroom right onto my bed, which I wasn't expecting.

She seems to be eating, drinking, and using the litter box all ok. She seems to favor window sills and a boxtop unintentionally left on a set of drawers for places to hang out.

Originally, I tried the "keep her in a smallish room with a closed door to make her feel safe" thing. To make a long story short, she decided "yeah enough of that I want to explore". And within a couple of hours she was catnapping on the couch beside me.


Sorek reviews "The Newsroom"

I saw the first episode of "The Newsroom", Sorkin's latest series. Quick version Sam Waterston plays a character similar to The West Wing's President Bartlett. Jeff Daniels plays a similar character to Josh, there is a Donna like character (I don't recognize the actress). The real problem is the Leo equivalent character who is played by a woman with a British accent that to me, sounds sort of like "Sophie" on Leverage but since she has to speak Sorkin-speak as opposed to Sophie speak is impossible to understand.

More like an R-Rated West Wing rather than "The Social Network"

The pilot had enough for me to come back for another episode.

Everyone's ok here

In the unlikely event that anyone was worried, I'm ok here. Brighton/Brookline didn't get nearly the storm Western Massachusetts did. Family that lives slightly west of here spent most of the evening in their (finished!) basements as a precaution but are ok as well.

Writer's Block: Back to the future

If you were 12 and could see yourself now, do you think you'd be happy or disappointed, and why?

My twelve year old self would be mostly satisfied with how my life had turned out so far. He'd be disappointed but not surprised with some things (not married, no kids), pleased and not surprised with some things (my profession), and downright flabbergasted about some things (how I got my first real job, what it paid and the fact that I have friends!)

He'd give my life so far a B- maybe a C+ if he was really depressed that day.

email address changing

My email address is going away as I don't want to pay for dialup I never use anymore and att is dropping its "keep your email but drop all the cool features" plan.

My new main account is with The address is my full/formal first name concatenated with my last name at If you don't know what that translates to, you can always send me an email through lj's system. I've updated lj so that any email that went to my worldnet account now goes to my comcast account. Also, my yahoo account is still active and I check it once a day or so. I'm also on facebook, although I try to limit who can see me on FB so you may not be able to see me, unless we have friends in common.

Also since my family's email worldnet addresses were tied to mine, their addresses are also going away March 15th. I don't think they used them much so this should be a much smaller hassle for them.

copied from my facebook status...

Most of my facebook status updates aren't about private subjects so I've decided to start posting them here as well. Here goes:

Tonight I watched the Patriots pull out an extremely improbable win, in a game they were expected to win easily. A win is still a win however. In other news, I played two games of Settlers, had good chances of winning both games, but didn't win either one.